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Stall Holder Rules

1) The sale or consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs is strictly forbidden.

2) The sale of illegal, counterfeit, fake or stolen items is strictly forbidden.

3) Playing loud music, shouting and any disruptive behaviour is strictly forbidden.

4) Stallholders must co-operate and comply with the instructions of ANM staff and mall security personnel at all times.

5) Spaces are allocated by ANM staff at their sole discretion.

6) The rent/space fee must be paid prior to setting up.

7) ANM staff reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any person at their sole discretion.

8) Stallholders must remove all rubbish and leave the stall space clean at the end of each night.

9) All packaging must be either bio-degradable or recyclable, this means no plastic bags or polystyrene containers etc.

10) All food stalls must display or have available evidence of compliance with local food regulations i.e. Food Premises Licence.

11) No unloading or setting up equipment before 4pm.

12) No trading before 5:30pm.

13) When loading and unloading, stall holders must not block access ways or thoroughfare.

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